Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform

Unite developers, infrastructure teams, and security engineers

Pulumi enables teams to use a unified software engineering process to deliver infrastructure and applications together and faster. This increases agility, reduces risks, and speeds innovation.

Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform

Key features

Build Infrastructure as Code in familiar languages

Languages you love

Use TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, Go, and .NET to model cloud infrastructure by leveraging the features of each language.

Build on any cloud

Access the full breadth of services in AWS, Azure, GCP, and 50+ providers through a complete and consistent SDK interface.

Create reusable infrastructure

Deploy and configure cloud infrastructure with Pulumi Packages, which can be shared and reused by anyone and in any language.

Deploy cloud infrastructure and applications together

Multiple deployment options

Deploy infrastructure interactively with a CLI, programmatically with Pulumi’s Automation API, or through your CI/CD process.

Deployments as Code

Run deployments from your application code at runtime with Automation API. Create infrastructure APIs, custom platforms, and CLIs.

Preview and test changes

Test and validate infrastructure with standard unit test frameworks and integration tests. Preview changes before deploying.

Manage cloud applications with visibility and controls

Policy as Code

Enforce compliance and detect drift by checking infrastructure against rules for security, cost, and best practices.

State and secrets management

Pulumi’s secure cloud backend manages your infrastructure state and automatically encrypts sensitive values in transit and at rest.

Administer teams and stacks

Secure access to infrastructure with role-based permissions and single sign-on. View deployed resources, review audit logs, and set tags.

Open source. Enterprise ready.

Pulumi’s modern Infrastructure as Code SDK is an open-source project that’s supported by an active and enthusiastic community. We welcome feedback and contributions from anyone.


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Cloud and service integrations

Managed infrastructure state, encryption, and more

Pulumi’s secure cloud backend (the Pulumi Service) provides built-in state management and encrypts configuration secrets in transit and at rest. You can also host your own backend locally or with a cloud provider.

Getting started

Get started now

Deploy your first app in just five minutes. Follow our tutorials for AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and more.

Get Started

Migrating from other tools

Transition to Pulumi with converter tools for Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager, and Kubernetes.

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