CI/CD Pipelines for Kubernetes Apps with Pulumi & Codefresh

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Leading cloud engineering organizations are automating infrastructure deployments using Pulumi’s infrastructure as code platform and Codefresh makes it easy to manage infrastructure code as part of your continuous delivery process.


  • Anais Urlichs
    Developer Evangelist, Codefresh
  • Mitch Gerdisch
    Senior Sales Engineer, Pulumi
  • Kostis Kapelonis
    Developer Advocate, Codefresh
  • Praneet Loke
    Software Engineer, Pulumi

What you will learn:

  • The basics of CI/CD using Codefresh.
  • How to declare cloud resources using Pulumi and your favorite programming languages.
  • How to define a simple pipeline for Kubernetes deployments.
  • Practical tests to ensure infrastructure reliability as part of your pipeline.

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